Sorting out priorities


I picked up a random book and began to read not knowing how greatly it would change my perspective on my journey here in Africa. I’ve been reading the The History of South Africa by Leonard Thompson and I can’t articulate how much of South Africa History parallels that of black slaves to present day African Americans. One night I was so incredibly overwhelmed and frustrated at white imperialism and the idea of inferiority that I woke one of my roommates up to rant. All she could do was stare at me with big eyes and go back to sleep. I couldn’t. I stayed up trying to figure out the how’s and whys: how someone could believe they’re above a fellow human and why did they feel it could be rightfully justified. For centuries Africans and Coloureds were oppressed on all fronts. Sadly enough this isn’t novel, for it mimics my history as an African American.
When I came to South Africa I’m not sure what I expected; however I truly didn’t think I would be mulling over race relations in South Africa and comparing it to those at home. I’m sad to say it isn’t much different and you can interpret that as you want. Yes, those of color have made strides as far as having political and social equality on paper, but in everyday life how much has changed until everyone implements what’s on paper into action. White imperialism hasn’t faded away, but its been diluted in the minds of those of color. I’m not suggesting that this is how all people of color feel but majority of those that I’ve talked with agree with my beliefs. I guess this motivates me to help people realize that our greatest common denominator is our humanity. Color doesn’t matter. Heart does.



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